Private Collection

Château Pape Clément Finish – Grand Cru Classé Bordeaux Discovery of a famous Red Wine Cask Finish This third Emperor Rum expression is also the first rum of our Private Collection Edition. Our Private Collection will aim at presenting unique and exceptional rum experience and discoveries. We will be presenting our Mauritian Aged Blended Rums […]

Royal Spiced

Our Emperor “Royal Spiced Rum” is a variant of the Emperor Heritage rum, enhanced with spices, with unique gentle flavours of carefully selected cardamom, cinnamon, and star anise. Carefully selected spices were macerated in both molasses and pure cane spirit, in our cellars based in St Michel de Fronsac in Bordeaux – France, before being […]

Lily White

Lily White collection is a blend of both aged agricultural and traditional rums, distilled in the pot-stills and columns. Aged up to 12 years, Lily White Rum is elegant, rich and surprisingly intense for a white rum. A complex process of carbon filtration carried out before bottling gives it its crystalline appearance and its final […]

Sherry Finish

The Emperor Rum offers a rich palette of colours and tastes obtained by the blending of traditional rums, distilled from pure sugarcane juice and molasses. Freshly pressed sugarcane, exotic fruits and flowers with pepper and spices finish give life to a complex combination of flavours in the pure Mauritian tradition. The Sherry Finish Rum is […]


Emperor Rum is made of aged traditional rums stemming from the distillation of pure and fresh sugarcane juice and molasses. The result is an astounding richness of colours and a complex assembly of flavours: fresh-squeezed sugarcane, exotic fruits and flowers finished by pepper and spices in the typical Mauritian tradition. This edition is an invitation […]